the magic of the mayan riviera

The idea first came to me while running through the streets of Playa Del Carmen in 2016. It was just after 8:00am, and to my right, the sun was coming up over the Caribbean Sea. I was alone.

My boyfriend and his 14-year-old son are great travel partners. They love adventure, and they love to discover local cultures and food - but they could not be less interested in joining me on a run. So here I was, running alone.

I couldn’t help but think to myself: ‘I know so many people who love fitness, who love to travel and discover new places, wouldn’t it be great to have them here with me now?’

Mexico is often thought of as the place filled with monster resorts, packed with buffets and free flowing booze. This is, in some respects true, but after three visits to Playa Del Carmen, I have completely fallen in love with the quaint cobblestone streets, the variety of things to do, and the kindness of the people who live and work there. Turns out, you can go to Mexico without having to sit in a beach chair and drink rum punch for a week. Although I understand that this concept works for some, it occurred to me in this moment that a different type of vacation would be appealing to a lot of people.

So, I spent the summer brainstorming how to make this happen, before finally calling my friend Flor who lives and works in Playa as a Scuba Dive Master. We have been on over 10 dives together and have become quite close. She was immediately on board with the idea of collaborating to put together an amazing package, and six weeks later we have come up with quite the experience.

Being local, she knows what to do, what to avoid, and how to make it happen.

The retreat consists of 4 fundamental pillars:

1.     Safe, secure, luxury accommodation.

2.     Healthy food, created by a local chef, tailored to your needs.

3.     A variety of Fitness options for you to choose from – all included, all optional.

4.     Activities that are specific to the local environment and culture, also, all inclusive.

My favourite thing about working in Fitness is the opportunity to connect with people on a personal and individual level, and this retreat will encompass those core values. It will provide challenge for those looking to push their limits, and will provide “just enough” exercise for those who prefer to take it easy.

Our villa is less than a block away from a fully air-conditioned gym that is included and yours to discover; but perhaps you won’t even set foot there. Maybe your style is a beach workout in the morning so you feel ready to go for the day. Maybe, you are just like my boys and prefer not to set the alarm clock at all, but would appreciate an evening run or a yoga session.

The beauty is - you can decide before we go, or build it once we are there.

Yes there will be activities on certain days. One day, we will visit a historic Mayan ruin, and you will have the opportunity to hike, ride a bike, or swim in a cenote. All of these things or none of these things – whatever you prefer.

Our day out on the sailboat will be a two-hour adventure, snorkelling over one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. I have been under water in several places south of the equator, and the Mayan Riviera is by far the most spectacular. The sea life is abundant and the coral is stunning. Best of all, we will be guided by our world-class Instructor, Flor.  

Before our trip, I will connect with everyone individually to talk about what your ideal vacation looks like, and how you want to start 2018. This retreat is not only about going on an adventure to an exotic location - it's about hitting reset, and the opportunity to build a plan, set goals, and work towards them. Our meals will be focussed on healthy eating, and fueling our body for activity, ensuring we get the proper nourishment. When we meet before the trip, will talk about food that you like, things that you might like to avoid, and how I can ensure you have the best experience possible.

I cannot wait to share this adventure with friends, both old, and new.



Jodie Becker